As soon as I was diagnosed with MS I consulted Dr Google.

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea but sometimes you can’t help it, it’s right there at your fingertips ready and waiting.

I did (and still do) have the common sense to click away if I see something too confronting, I am not naïve to the possibilities of this illness but I see no point in worrying about something that realistically I cannot change. In this case, I choose the ignorance is bliss tactic. I may not always feel this way but for now, it’s how I choose to cope.

It was during my Dr Google diagnosis that I stumbled on different research that explores how much diet can affect and influence your MS progression.

There are so many to choose from including vegetarian, vegan, little to no saturated fat, lactose free, gluten free and everything in between.


Some of these diets have large followings who are of the belief that if you follow these diets to the letter, there is no need for western medicine in your treatment options.

To be honest I did consider it, the idea of having to take medication every day for the rest of my life is less than desirable.

FYI if you ever want to be on the receiving end of dead silence and some impressive eyebrow raises that question your sanity, just drop the food is medicine line into a conversation with your loved ones. (Thanks a lot Belle Gibson)

Ultimately I decided against it, it was not a risk I was willing to take. I did choose to go on medication and have been for about a month now.

I was given 3 different medication options to choose from, each with differing side effects and benefits.

2 of those options were tablets taken daily…. forever, the third was done by intravenous once a month, which incidentally has the highest success rate of the 3. Of course it does….

Regardless of the success rate I pretty much crossed off the intravenous option straight away, I had to consider what was best for my lifestyle and sitting for 3 hours once a month on the chemotherapy ward is not something I want to do. Of course if I had to I would, but as long as there was a tablet option, I decided to take it.

The first time you take this particular medication you have to be monitored in the hospital for 6 hours…. My mum and I can attest to this being the most boring 6 hours of our lives. No TV, no phone or wifi reception. I wasn’t even allowed to go to the bathroom without a nurse’s permission. Luckily this is a one-time thing.

Even though I have decided to go on the medication route I do still see a benefit in changing my diet. I am still deciding which (if any) option to go with but am strongly considering the vegetarian option with little to no lactose… put more simply, vegan.

Ah huh, something so far from how I eat now it will take some time to adjust and learn the ropes.

Aside from salad, I’m at a bit of a loss of what my diet would even consist of. Once again I may call upon the help of Chef Google.

I am yet to completely make up my mind so for now it’s all just food for thought (see what I did there)

Drastically changing your diet may seem silly and completely unnecessary to some people and they might be right, but there’s nothing quite like being told you may end up disabled or wheelchair bound to make you consider all of your options.

If there’s even a chance that eating salad everyday could deter that then it’s worth it, to me it’s worth it.

I would love to know your thoughts or any recommendations you may have come across.

Please note that any thoughts and recollections expressed are just my own, I do not aspire to influence anyone or anything. Please speak to your medical practitioner before making any changes to your health plan.


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  • Emily psaila

    Wow huge decisions to make, especially with your medication. I think most of us could do with a change in our diets, I know I could and just about every one else I know… I think we need to find a balance between health and lifestyle. Good luck, I hope you share some of your healthy recipes! Good old chef Google x

    • Thanks Emily, I still have a lot to consider and Im in no rush but its good to research all the options available out there. Either way adding a few more vegetables into the mix can’t hurt! Ill keep you posted with the new recipes!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Dr Google…look away now! For me having a cancer diagnosis I have heard EVERY diet and ‘cure’…some people believe the diet is the cure. Not me! I chose to do ALL that the doctors suggested and now I balance it with a balanced diet. I would rather know that I tried everything possible. Looking forward to following your journey Caitlyn as I know others who are young with MS. X

    • Thanks Jenni! I agree, Ill admit it was a tempting thought but in the end the risks weren’t ones I was willing to take. I had a chat with my doctor and as long as I approach any diet/ exercise changes in a holistic approach (with medication too) he’s happy. Ill definitely keep you posted. x

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