Last week my blog had it’s 3 month anniversary or should I say blogaversary. To be honest at the time I didn’t even twig on, its only sitting here now writing this that it dawned on me.

Although I’ve learnt so much in these short 3 months I still have a long way to go. I’m still finding my blogging feet and yet to find my groove. Learning aside, I can say that I am loving it, I have made and met some new internet friends, I have had some great interaction with readers who have identified with me and my stories, and I have found a new community which I feel very welcomed into.

For the most part everyone has been extremely supportive (there’s always some eh) and its been a great little learning curve for me and my confidence. To anyone thinking of starting a blog of their own I have to agree with the masses and say ‘Just Start’. You really do learn the most when you dive straight in and most bloggers are more than happy to share their knowledge, that’s another thing I love, from my experience its a supportive and encouraging community not a competitive one.

I do need your help though (yes, you reading this!), if you would be so kind and can spare a few minutes I would love your feedback. Ill pay you in high fives and possible wine should we ever meet.


Either in the comments below or via email I would love to rack your brains to know the following.

Where are you from? (I’m not some creep looking for addresses or anything just Adelaide, Melbourne etc)

What type of posts do you like so far on Twist of Cait?

Is there anything you would like to see in the future?

Do you read other blogs? If you do feel welcome to share the love and name them, not in a stalker way but I love discovering new blogs.

Are you a blogger or thinking about starting?

Any advice for me to take on board? (play nice guys hehe)


I am always looking to improve and ‘learn’ as I go so your answers are very much appreciated!
If you would like to do so confidentially you can email me on

I pinky promise that all information provided will just be used by myself and not passed onto any third parties etc, we’re all friends here and I think I can speak for us all when I say know one likes spam!


Feeling chatty? Leave me a comment below (I do love comments) or you can catch up with the latest daily on my Facebook and Instagram




  • Naomi Roscio

    Hey I’m from Adelaide And I really loved reading about your MS journey would love to hear more about your eating plan and how that is working for you. I’m not much of a blog reader but if I get onto any good ones I’ll definitely let you know

  • Where are you from? Fellow Radelaidian. Specifically – north-eastern ‘burbs.

    What type of posts do you like so far on Twist of Cait? Fashuns and the Mexican pie.

    Is there anything you would like to see in the future? More of the same.

    Do you read other blogs? Totally. Loads.

    Are you a blogger or thinking about starting? Yes, has been rolling for (counts on fingers) wow, 18 months now.

    Any advice for me to take on board? The most important is that you do you. Here’s a link to a learnings post I wrote last year for more in-depth learnings:

  • Jade

    1- From good ol Radelaide
    2- Love all your posts, always love waking up and reading a new post in the mornings before i get ready for work 😊
    3- Love everything you say
    4- No i would never cheat on your blog 😂
    5- No!
    6- Keep doing what your doing, love your work and as o said always love waking up to a new post by you 😆