A few weeks ago I went to a yoga and styling workshop run by my friend Jeni at Styling Curvy and Dani from Abundance Yoga.

Having been to a fairly hard core sweat focused yoga class previously I left feeling like an uncoordinated, not at all flexible blob. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this class was more of a slower paced, low impact class. Very suitable for my current fitness level.

I decided to go along to one of Dani’s proper classes the following week, to check it out and see if it’s for me.

I have been wanting to find a yoga class I like for a while now, I know that finding the right class and teacher is one of those things that you have to keep searching for in order to find one you like. Just like you would a hairdresser or nail technician… there’s one perfect just for you – just keep searching.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely be going back again, the thing that surprised me was how much I struggled during the guided meditation at the end of the class.

I used to meditate regularly but recently it has fallen by the wayside, I thought it would be like riding a bike- you know, just straight back to it…. Ahem, no not even close.

During the meditation my mind was trying to get into it and relax but instead I was restless, scattered and at one point actually screaming inside my head.

This was no bike ride my friend, I think I may have to bring out my training wheels.

So along with attending Dani’s class regularly, im setting myself a meditation challenge.

Meditate for 7 days straight for as long as I can…. Even if it’s only 10 minutes.


(This is a photo of me in what my friends called my ‘Eat, Prey, Love moment’ in the Holy Mountain Spring of Tirta Empul Temple in Bali, im in the black dress with my back towards the camera… Its not meditation but its certainly spiritual and definitely one of my favourite photos)

I have been a fan of Glenn Harrold’s guided meditation phone app’s for a while, so for the first few nights I may use them to get things going again. Ultimately I want to be able to do it unassisted, just like I could before.

I’ll let check back in next week to let you all know how I went, who knows maybe I’ll even get to the point of having realisations…. Honestly id just be happy with no screams and not worrying about what my phone is doing in the 10 minutes it’s not tightly gripped in my hand!

Feel free to join in with me and let me know how you go!

What about you, do you meditate regularly? Do you have any tips?


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  • I use the Glenn Harold app! I love his wide-boy English accent. “You must on no account listen whilst driving”

    Finding the right yoga class is definitely a mission; teacher, class location; time, venue, other people. We used to go to a lunch time one at the State Library that was great but there was this guy in it whose breathing I couldn’t get past. Especially during the sleepy relax bit!

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Danis relaxation is my favourite part and she even recorded it for me to play while I was having surgeries. I found that as the classes went by I was more able to tune out and just sink in to the relaxation, it will get easier. It makes me happy to see your gorgeous face in my class xx

    • That’s such a good idea! I really love the class, thank you for introducing me! Im determined to get back my relaxation mojo hehe

  • It can be hard. You just have to insist that wandering mind come back on task. I have read that even the process of trying to focus your mind back on the job is good for you This is from queen of wandering mind. 😜 A 7 day challenge sounds like a fab idea. Good luck!