Happy Friday lovelies! How has your week been? I don’t know about you but despite the Adelaide temp dropping like a bazillion degrees I’ve had a pretty good week, I mean I have already left the house twice (aside from work of course)… That’s a win. Especially considering its Winter and I have Netflix…

Speaking of leaving the house, that’s what inspired todays blog post…. A few friends and I were trying to think of a place to go for my friends birthday (Hi Teeny!) Today I have a list of top places to eat out that won’t make your credit cards cry tears of pain. We are starting in the East and moving around Adelaide…

If you are from another state or country you may find this kinda dull, but should you ever visit us you’ll know where to go!

As you may or may not know I am an Adelaide Gal living on the East side. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills and moved to the Eastern Suburbs when I was around 15. Aside from a brief stint living down South I have pretty much stayed put.

This could be argued as both a good and bad thing, the bad being there’s that whole spreading your wings and exploring the unknown philosophy while the flip side is…. I know where to go to get good food and anything else you need you can probably get from Kmart Firle…

Who is to say one is better than the other?

So consider this your virtual tour while we eat our way around the east side, feel free to use it as your eating inspo should you find your way into these parts.

In the coming months I will also try to discover places in the North, South, West, CBD and Adelaide Hills to share with you all too… 

This may take me a while as its a commonly known east sider trait to freak out whenever the destination requires us to leave our stomping ground and travel for more than 20 minutes… we have a tendency to immediately open google maps and try to investigate this foreign suburb….

If I am going somewhere new one of the following questions is generally uttered from my mouth…

Where the fuck is that, is that a new suburb?
So I turn right at the Airport?
Is that near that Giant Scottish dudes statue? (Admit it, we’ve all tried to look up his kilt when driving past)
Are you sure you don’t just want to go somewhere on The Parade?

But its in the name of research so if anyone wants to be my brunch buddy hit me up.


Click on any of the restaurant or café names to go directly to their website or Facebook page



Long Lost Friend- Magill
Hibernia Café- Magill
Argos- Norwood (BYO Active Wear and/or Bicycle -Jokes guys hehe)
The Colonist Hotel- Norwood (You can do dinner here to obvs)
The Little Eastern- St Morris
Nature’s Providore- Malvern
Trouble & Strife- Goodwood
Pickle in the Middle- Unley

Eggs Benedict from Long Lost Friend
yesterday with my bloggy friend
Beth from Almost Posh


Long Lost Friend- Magill Rd
Hibernia Café- Magill Rd
Jill’s Kitchen- 550 Magill Rd Magill (No website)
Pretty much any Café on The Parade, Bravo, Manto, Buongiorno etc
Whippets Espresso- Stepney
Nutrition Republic- Goodwood

E for Ethal- North Adelaide
Pasta Deli- Glynde


Maiz & Mazcal- Magill
Danny’s Thai Bistro- Norwood
Gengis Khan- Rostrevor
Kubla Khan- Parkside
Curious Squire- North Adelaide
Ruby Red Flamingo- North Adelaide
Zapata’s- North Adelaide
Korea- Goodwood
Taste of Nepal- Norwood
Nord Burger- Norwood


Dessert/ coffee Bars

Spats Coffee Lounge – Goodwood
Eggless- Goodwood (great for vegans and the rest of us too)
Elephant Walk- North Adelaide
Chocolatree- North Adelaide
Bracegirdles- Toorak Gardens

Editors note: Special mention goes to my friend Hannah, a key contributor to this culinary list!

So how did I do, have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below if you have any little gems to add to the list!


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  • Yay! Thanks for introducing me to Long Lost Friend!

  • Dianne Childs

    Love your list! I’ve been to a few of these (Gengis Khan, Kubla Khan, Nord Burger) and have heard great things about Eggless and Elephant Walk. Been meaning to go there for ages!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Thanks Di! I love Gengis Khan and Kubla Khan, they are one of my favs! I highly recommend going to one of the dessert bars, they are awesome! Thanks for stopping by xo

  • Such a solid list here. Why would ya wanna live anywhere else but the Eastern burbs hey?!