Preppin’ for Father’s Day

I don’t know about you but Father’s Day always sneaks up on me…. I think It’s because it’s my birthday towards the end of August which usually has me pretty distracted and before I know it it’s the big day and bam, there I am present less and wearing my shit daughter award sash.  (I also find this whole changing date/ 1st Sunday in September business seriously confusing…. Come on it can’t be just me?)


Beauty Musings for the gal in her 30’s (or any age really)

Probably my most asked question here on the blog (and in real life for that matter) is related to beauty advice and product knowledge. Now I’m certainly no expert and I have absolutely zero qualifications to back up these claims but i have a self appointed PHD in the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the beauty upkeep of myself and like minded women. And by ‘like minded’, I mean anyone who is interested….

As we age, grow and evolve so do our beauty tastes and requirements, Methods that would get us by just fine in our 20’s are suddenly not cutting the mustard or simply no longer suit us or our style personalities (Hot pink hair version of Caitlin I am looking at you).

Through blogs, conversations with friends and You Tube we are now privvy to a wealth of information that we otherwise may have not known… I love hearing a new beauty secret or piece of advice and today we are discussing just that!

The thing about beauty products and treatments is that we each require something a little bit different, things that work wonders for me might not be your bag… but then again sometimes they might be…


Eye Brow Microblading | All you need to know

Every now and then an idea pops into my head and I instantly know it’s going to be a good one. Ok to be fair, I also have my share of bad ones…. but who doesn’t?

For a few years now I have wanted to get my eye brows microbladed. I have researched and had quotes but never actually went through with it for 2 reasons.


Where to buy your beauty bargains… at of course!

South Australia gets a pretty raw deal when it comes to beauty brands and their availability. For the longest time us Radelaidians have had to save our penny’s for any trips to Melbourne, Sydney or in extreme cases overseas just to get our hands on the good stuff.

But thanks to the guy who invented the internet we can now shop the world’s finest right from our very own lounge room. (Thank you internet dude, bless you)


Summer Beauty Essentials

The high summer heat can make it virtually impossible to look like your glam and foxy self, in fact I am convinced that such days were only invented just to test our make up application skills.

My summer make up routine differs from my winter make up look, is has to. Cruising around Adelaide with patchy foundation and eyeliner running down my face is really not the look I aspire to.

So my only option is to change it up, wear something that I know is going to last the distance.


Is it time to change your hairstyle?

They say change is as good as a holiday, while I’ll admit that getting a new hair cut doesn’t exactly compare to laying on a Beach in Bali the symbolism behind it is still the same.

Sometimes something as simple as a new hairstyle really can give you that extra injection of sass that you might be searching for. I’m not saying a bangin’ new look is going to be the answer to all of life’s problems but something so simple is worth a shot right?


Fake Tan Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a fake tan addict. I’m not even ashamed I love it.

My lily white/ freckled skin has a very strict no tanning naturally policy and instead opts for a more let’s stay sun burnt and red for 3 weeks and then peel scenario.

Actually that’s a lie, I do tan, just in spots (otherwise known as freckles) and not in the cute few sprinkled across the nose business either, I’m talking hard core freckling. Like if freckling was an Olympic sport I would kick arse every time and wipe the floor with my opponents…. What can I say, its a gift.


Eye lash Extensions | Review

Recently I was invited by the team at Browz & Beauty in Westfield Marion shopping centre to come in and try a beauty treatment of my choice. After looking over their extensive ‘menu’ I immediately knew what I wanted to have done… Eyelash extensions!

I’ve always wanted to try out eye lash extensions and this was a perfect opportunity. I made sure that having these falsies would not do any damage to my natural lashes if I decided not to have them refilled after they had fallen out, I was assured no, they are perfectly safe and proceeded to Marion and treated by the lovely Jade, the head beautician at Browz and Beauty.


The V-Steam | Review

There is a beauty treatment done in Bali that has caught my eye for a while now…. Ok maybe not caught my eye but whenever I saw in on the ‘menu’ I will admit I was intrigued as to what it was and why someone would do that…

Yes, im talking about the V-Steam…. As in Vajayjay steam…. As in steaming your vagina.


Beauty Prep count down | Events

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes wedding and event season… pretty soon our social calendars are going to be filled with parties and events that all require us to do some form of body/ beauty maintenance.

Beauty prep looks different for each of us, some are more low key while others like me go all out; both are totally fine! It’s up to the individual just how far they want to go.

I love this stuff so I go for the works… Most I do myself and some I call in the big guns. To some my routine may seem like a bit of an over kill while to others it’s just touching the surface.