Turn it into 10 Style challenge | The Pleather Jacket

Lately I have had to do a bit of a re-evaluation in regards to money. Or more to the point, what I do with it.

You see when you want to buy a house certain things need to be sacrificed; buying excessive clothes and makeup like I have the bank balance of Oprah is one of those sacrifices.

Yes, gone are the days when I can freely throw money away with reckless abandon… Ok I’m still firmly invited to the reckless spending family reunion but I’m definitely much better than I used to be….


Eye Brow Microblading | All you need to know

Every now and then an idea pops into my head and I instantly know it’s going to be a good one. Ok to be fair, I also have my share of bad ones…. but who doesn’t?

For a few years now I have wanted to get my eye brows microbladed. I have researched and had quotes but never actually went through with it for 2 reasons.


Milestones… This Friday I have one!

You may have noticed my absence lately both here on the blog and also on my socials, or not, maybe I’ve left it so long y’all be like ‘Twist of who?!’

I have mentioned before that the combination of starting my new job and trying to finish off my study has left me a bit time poor. While all this is true and certainly a worthy excuse, it was exactly that; an excuse.


Where to buy your beauty bargains… at RY.com.au of course!

South Australia gets a pretty raw deal when it comes to beauty brands and their availability. For the longest time us Radelaidians have had to save our penny’s for any trips to Melbourne, Sydney or in extreme cases overseas just to get our hands on the good stuff.

But thanks to the guy who invented the internet we can now shop the world’s finest right from our very own lounge room. (Thank you internet dude, bless you)


Summer Beauty Essentials

The high summer heat can make it virtually impossible to look like your glam and foxy self, in fact I am convinced that such days were only invented just to test our make up application skills.

My summer make up routine differs from my winter make up look, is has to. Cruising around Adelaide with patchy foundation and eyeliner running down my face is really not the look I aspire to.

So my only option is to change it up, wear something that I know is going to last the distance.


Is it time to change your hairstyle?

They say change is as good as a holiday, while I’ll admit that getting a new hair cut doesn’t exactly compare to laying on a Beach in Bali the symbolism behind it is still the same.

Sometimes something as simple as a new hairstyle really can give you that extra injection of sass that you might be searching for. I’m not saying a bangin’ new look is going to be the answer to all of life’s problems but something so simple is worth a shot right?


New year | New Changes

Hello 2017, haven’t you been lovely so far! That’s largely part to me still being on holidays but as they are coming to an end tomorrow it has got me thinking of how I am going to take charge and make my year just that little bit brighter.

Many of these things I incorporated in as New Year’s Resolutions. The concept of New Year’s Resolutions seems to divide people, personally I am all for them, if you need a reminder such as January 1st then so be it…. I know I do!

Lately I have noticed that I have not been feeling 100%, I feel claggy, sluggish and have little to no energy. I am convinced it is because of my eating and exercise regime, or lack thereof.


Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve, is seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate; Personally, I fall into the love category for a few reasons. 

Firstly, I love setting resolutions, ok so they may not always work out how I had hoped but having and setting goals is a good and positive thing. Sure you can set goals at any time of the year but i find New Years Eve acts as a sort of reminder/ benchmark.


Wearing | The Swim Suit

Blogging has lead me to do some pretty cool things, meet some really cool people and connect with a whole other world I would otherwise have no idea about.

It has also done wonders for my self-confidence and body confidence. I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty confident person but when it came to taking photos of my daily outfits and plastering them all over the internet, it did take me a few months to get the hang of it and be fully comfortable.


How To | Make a Flower Crown

We have a tradition in my friendship circle, at each of our Hen’s days I make the blushing bride a headpiece to wear on the day. It started off as an alternative many years ago to one of those cheap and tacky tiara’s. (Although I must admit, I am quite partial to a bit of tiara action from time to time) It is now a firm tradition and we all refer to them as our Yaya sisterhood headpieces…. love that movie.

Over the years I have made many different styles, some on headbands complete with feathers and flowers, some with diamanté or pearl accents and some with a bit of both.